Prices without frame
A4: 70 Euro
A3: 100 Euro
A2: 130 Euro
A1: 160 Euro
(incl. shipping)

shooting prices:

one / two hour shooting: 6-8 Portraits for 85 Euros (incl. editing)

selfportraiture: sometimes I took pictures to remember that I still existed

when pictures talked for me and I talked in pictures. my younger me was quiet, broken, in anger, in fear and felt lost. to represent oneself in pictures was a rebellion that many would not understand. I learned to be more insolent, to get rid of the shame with which I was raised to wear as a woman. I learned to be more aware of my feelings. Express them and let them go. I learned that nothing is temporary. To represent oneself was a kind of communication between the two worlds. I do not regret that time, but I can’t take pictures of myself anymore because I changed.


photographic poetry/ coverart

photographic poetry woman and nature